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BuffBoxx Nutrition March 2017. Create the Right Meal Plan for You!

BuffBoxx Nutrition: March 2017 Everyone knows nutrition and eating right is the hardest part about being healthy. If you don’t, you gon’ learn today! All I want after dinner is sweets. Cap’n Crunch, Eggo Waffles, frozen Reeses Pieces, you name it. That’s why here at BuffBoxx we wanted to make your life just a little

BuffBoxx on Alligator Pears (avocados)!

Avocados, also known as Alligator Pears and Butter Fruit, are a great source of beneficial fats and contain 20 vitamins and minerals. In addition, avocados are a cancer fighter and they’re great for the heart and eyes! Try to incorporate avocados into your diet whenever you can! They are great with basically everything! Oh, and yes Chipotle