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BuffBoxx Workout April 2017- Challenge Yourself!

BuffBoxx April Workouts & WOD This BuffBoxx workout is focusing on ole faithful. Your back! Back Day is one of the most important days of your routine. Your back keeps everything else in line, it’s a huge component of all core movements, and it’s a body part that you DO NOT want to injure! Form

Looking for a Healthy Habit to Adopt? Choose Exercise!

Make Working Out Your Healthy Habit Human beings are creatures of habits. We all have them: good habits and bad habits. It’s ok to admit we have bad habits, none of us are perfect. But don’t let your bad habits define you. Healthy habits can transform your life. Take working out as an example. Some

BuffBoxx Nutrition March 2017. Create the Right Meal Plan for You!

BuffBoxx Nutrition: March 2017 Everyone knows nutrition and eating right is the hardest part about being healthy. If you don’t, you gon’ learn today! All I want after dinner is sweets. Cap’n Crunch, Eggo Waffles, frozen Reeses Pieces, you name it. That’s why here at BuffBoxx we wanted to make your life just a little

Unboxing of Cheyenne’s December BuffBoxx!

Merry Unboxing Our homegirl Cheyenne has been with Team BuffBoxx for a while now and we love all the support she gives us! We’ve watched her incredible hard work and fitness journey as she’s dropped 50lbs and counting! You go girl! Here is the unboxing of her December 2016 Buffboxx! She’ll show you every item

Unboxing From Our Friend Kori for Your Pleasure!

Another Unboxing on Deck What’s up Team BuffBoxx! Coming to you with another BuffBoxx unboxing. This time our friend Kori T. is going to share her Boxx with you. Make sure to go check out her YouTube channel and to follow her on Instagram for more reviews! She’s going to show you all the awesome products

BuffBoxx Unboxing by Rodrick. See What He Received Now!

What’s In Your BuffBoxx, Bro? Ever wonder what comes in each Boxx? Well Rodrick is about to take you to school. Check out this unboxing featuring some of our favorite brands like Vooray and Eat the Bear! Not shown is the tri-blend BuffBoxx shirt available in short sleeve or racerback for the ladies. We’ve recently also

Why Should You Choose BuffBoxx? We’ve Got Plenty of Reasons!

Why Choose BuffBoxx? There are thousands of subscription boxes out there and there are many that focus on sports and fitness. Some just send samples of unheard of supplements, some just equipment, some say they are a “CrossFit” box to take advantage of the newest trend. So why choose BuffBoxx??? BuffBoxx is the first and