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Unboxing From Our Friend Kori for Your Pleasure!

Another Unboxing¬†on Deck What’s up Team BuffBoxx! Coming to you with another BuffBoxx unboxing. This time our friend Kori T. is going to share her Boxx with you. Make sure to go check out her YouTube channel and to follow her on Instagram for more reviews! She’s going to show you all the awesome products

Why Should You Choose BuffBoxx? We’ve Got Plenty of Reasons!

Why Choose BuffBoxx? There are thousands of subscription boxes out there and there are many that focus on sports and fitness. Some just send samples of unheard of supplements, some just equipment, some say they are a “CrossFit” box to take advantage of the newest trend. So why choose BuffBoxx??? BuffBoxx is the first and

New Year Resolutions Through BuffBoxx are Easy! Let Us Prove It!

New Year Resolutions Made Easy New Year Resolutions can be tough.. and sometimes they don’t begin until about March! BuffBoxx is the perfect sidekick for your New Year’s Rez. BuffBoxx gives you the motivation you need to get things rolling and the reward for following through! But What Do I Get? Outside of new gender

Oh Happy Day!

So last week we were feeling a little froggy and decided to order 2 SlingShots. No, not Dennis The Menace style but the one created by the genius, Mark Bell. The Sling Shot slips easily over both of your elbows (unless your yoked!) and extends across the front of your chest. It comes in several

BuffBoxx on Alligator Pears (avocados)!

Avocados, also known as Alligator Pears and Butter Fruit, are a great source of beneficial fats and contain 20 vitamins and minerals. In addition, avocados are a cancer fighter and they’re great for the heart and eyes! Try to incorporate avocados into your diet whenever you can! They are great with basically everything! Oh, and yes Chipotle