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BuffBoxx Chooses Charity! Find Out Why Below!

BuffBoxx Believes in Charity Charity, giving back-  It’s a pillar of our business, and one we’re quite proud of. Like each and every one of our subscribers (and those who are checking us out online, curious about how we can help), our interests and efforts in giving back cast a wide and meaningful net. Our

Get The Right Meal Plan For Any Goal!

Throughout our fitness travels, we come across many great people and products. Recently, we were lucky enough to come across George Lockhart and FitnessVT! These guys are the holy grail of meal planning and overall knowledge on the things we consume. This includes food we eat as well as the supplements we use. FitnessVT has

New Moms- Get Your Body Back!

So here you are. You’ve just given birth to your first child, the changes you’ve seen in your body are crushing your self-image, you’re tired, there’s no time for yourself and theres no end of the tunnel in sight.  Being a mother is the most important job there is and its a full time job. Thankfully,