Get The Right Meal Plan For Any Goal!

Throughout our fitness travels, we come across many great people and products. Recently, we were lucky enough to come across George Lockhart and FitnessVT! These guys are the holy grail of meal planning and overall knowledge on the things we consume. This includes food we eat as well as the supplements we use. FitnessVT has

New Moms- Get Your Body Back!

So here you are. You’ve just given birth to your first child, the changes you’ve seen in your body are crushing your self-image, you’re tired, there’s no time for yourself and theres no end of the tunnel in sight.  Being a mother is the most important job there is and its a full time job. Thankfully,

When GNC doesn’t open for another 30 minutes…

When I need to re-up on some supplements it should be pretty easy. Im fortunate enough to have a GNC less than 100 yards away from my local gym, LA Fitness. Unfortunately, I usually show up for my pre-workout around 9am. This is a little too early for the acting living, health conscious GNC workforce.

Oh Happy Day!

So last week we were feeling a little froggy and decided to order 2 SlingShots. No, not Dennis The Menace style but the one created by the genius, Mark Bell. The Sling Shot slips easily over both of your elbows (unless your yoked!) and extends across the front of your chest. It comes in several

Inspiration When Least Expected

I just came across this video today. The 401b squat is not the impressive part of this video. Some would say that squatting 401lbs isn’t a big deal at all. However after the squat and the meathead stereotypes things start to get real….real inspirational. Not the all night lifting parties or lifting until you puke