Make a Stop at the Buff Shop and Claim 15% Off with Code BUFF15!

Make a Stop at the Buff Shop and Claim 15% Off with Code BUFF15!

Are there plenty of places to pick up some new supplements or to get a new pair of leggings? Yes, so why visit the Buff Shop? BuffBoxx aims to make your healthy lifestyle as easy as possible. So whether you’re joining the best fitness subscription box in the world (us of course!) or need a new pair of lifting straps, BuffBoxx is your one stop shop to fuel your fire.

The Buff Shop

Why the Buff Shop?

We want nothing more than for the members of Team BuffBoxx to have all the products they need at their finger tips. We don’t believe your lifestyle should break the bank, leave you dealing with rude customer service employees, or waiting forever for a package to arrive. Thats why in most cases order ship in 36 hours and our customer service team is sitting here waiting to help you. Need a promo code? Just ask! Looking for the hook-up? We’ve got you! At BuffBoxx it’s our pleasure to serve our Fit Fam!

Buff Shop- C4 Pre-workout  Buff Shop- Whey Protein

But What Do Ya Got?

If you’re wondering what type of products we have, then you are in for a treat! The Buff Shop carries brand name fitness apparel. This includes shirts, tanks, shorts, and leggings. In addition, the Buff Shop has a wide array of supplements listed at MAP pricing. This is the lowest the vendors will allow us to sell! Are you in the market for some new protein bars or tasty snacks? We have tons of different bars, cookies, and more for you to choose from. Lastly, everyone needs some accessories! We have some of the best gym bags in the game, thanks to our friends at Vooray! We have electric mixer bottles, yoga blocks, dip stands, and more!

Buff Shop- vooral bag

Looking a little Mystery?

But maybe you are new to fitness and working out. Maybe you do not know what type of supplements to be using. If you don’t want to sign-up for BuffBoxx PRO or BuffBoxx LITE, then the Mystery Boxx is a great and affordable way to try all sorts of sports nutrition products. Protein cookies, energy chews, amino acids, and protein granola are just some of the items you may find in one f these boxxes. Give one a try today. MysteryBoxx

If you plan on visiting the Buff Shop, make sure to utilize one of these deals:

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As always, be strong, eat right, and live well!

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